Friday, January 27, 2012

Giani Granite countertops

I did it... I painted my kitchen countertops with the Giani Granite Kit!

The house came with blue laminate countertops...  Not particularly obnoxious, but definitely not something I would have chosen or something that adds to the kitchen.

Big blue, the kitchen island....

After reading a lot of reviews, and researching the products available, I decided to try the Giani Granite Kit as a temporary fix until I can replace the countertops.

And it wasn't even the terribly onerous job I thought it might be. It took a basecoat of black that had to dry 8 hours,  3-4 hours to sponge on the three mineral colors to look like granite, 4 hour drying time, 2 polyurethane coats, and then 3 days before I could put the kitchen to use like usual.

The largest problem it has caused is that now I want the laminate gone and wood floors in yesterday!

 So much better in my eyes...

And now I can look at these pictures and see all the other things I want to do.....

 I would definitely recommend the Giani Granite Kit as an inexpensive fix to blah or ugly countertops.  I think that the countertops could look bad if someone wasn't comfortable with messing around and didn't have some degree of 'artistic' talent but simply wanted paint by number type instructions.   If you are a perfectionist, the polyurethane coating might drive you a bit nuts.  If you have a fair bit of painting experience, that should not create to much difficulty either. 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Just hanging around...

I got another project completed that makes me smile....

Three birds sewn from an old sheet and scraps of flannel hanging in the sunroom which is currently decorated in mostly neutral tones--winter white?

A branch wrapped with scraps of old sweaters left over from mitten-making serves as the hanger.

And just for fun, a little winter sparrow (?) resting on the branch,

 Peaceful doves hanging in the winter chill, waiting for snow to fall.

Silly things, like sweater wrapped branches make me smile and feel good.

There is something very peaceful and comfortable about these birds.

Stuck in the grey and white landscape of a northern winter, might as well celebrate the neutral tones.

Keeping It Simple

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pin tag-your it!

Well, since Pinterest eats up plenty of my time, thought I would share the addiction!  Cheri is hosting a Pinterest party so you can find new boards to follow and new things to pin.  Have at it!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Little Book Love

So shoot me, I am behind the times...  Anthropologie had book necklaces for sale last spring for over $100.00.   Not something I would buy, but definitely something I would copy!  And these are sooooo much fun to make.   Sweet little books.

Look how a little patience, old book pages, leather scraps from old wallets, and some jewelry making bits and pieces can come together to create a tiny bit of magic.

A little journal for tiny notes!

Should it be a necklace, a keychain, or both?  I've hung the books on the ball chain on my rearview mirror 'cause it makes me smile when I look at it.  And smiling on the way to work in the morning is a good thing....

I also forgot just how much better pictures I can take with this lens.

Big books and little books. 

 I think I will make some more of these.  A girl can never have too many books and journals can they?

 Perhaps even a short story should be written to exist in a tiny book....

$100 or free...  I like the free option!  Sorry Anthropologie... 

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