Sunday, September 30, 2012


Warm hues and rich textures resonate with the season.  Autumn leads to shifting attention and projects indoors.  Celebrating the warmth of home.

Old yellowed book pages rolled and wrapped with twine then gathered in a basket.  Simple items that bring richness.  Contrasts of paper, basket, lace and smooth metal.  Lights and darks gathered together.

Curves and lines reminding one of classic shapes and architecture.

Inviting one to touch the pages.  Warm colors that invite one in.

Simple and complex at the same time.

Fluffing the front yard...

It was a beautiful fall day today.  85 degrees at the end of a September is a real treat here in northern North Dakota!  I took advantage and did some 'fluffing' of the yard.

The chair is handmade and a gift from my sister.  Works great for outdoor for decorating purposes.  The plant sitting on the chair seat blooms part of the day and then hides overnight....

Definitely fall here.  We have had several hard freezes so most of the flowers are done and over for the year.
Nevermore says the raven (but I am counting on spring bringing everything back to life)!

My husband surprised me with the old red wagon one day.  He knows what makes me smile!

Had to add some spider webbing for fun.   Will have to see how it holds up to 20 to 40 mph winds as we are sure to have some days like that in the near future.

My son that farms was kind enough to let me steal some corn.  Given the state of crops with the drought and price of corn, I appreciate his generousity.

Yep, both sides of the entry.  Notice the well trained dogs who know they can't go past the fence.  We live on a well traveled highway and need to keep them safe!

Hmm, that spider looks more like a fly.  But guess that works also.  So a little fall and a bit of Halloween thrown in for fun!  Hoping we can make it to Halloween without any snowfall.  Seems like many Halloweens have been the first snowfall of the year.  Makes me really appreciate the 85 degrees today.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Enjoying the outdoors with a toddler

My 1 year old grand daughter spent an overnight visit with my husband and I.  She clearly appreciates being outdoors!  I just had to share some pictures of this precious little girl enjoying her day.

She discovered the crab apples on a low branched tree and was quite determined to pick these.

She picked, and tasted, and shook the tree.   Then went back to do it all again.

Our kitty Cocoa was not sure what to make of Lydia and stalked her most of the time she was outside.

Evidently you have to find just the right apples to pick!

Curiosity got to Cocoa....   She had to find out what was making noise dropping into the bowl.

Not sure if this face means "come and help"  or "enough with the camera!"  LOL!

Cocoa was a bit disappointed to discover there was nothing of particular interest to her in the bowl.

After the apples, it was time to check out the garden.  Lydia quickly decided that cherry tomatoes taste much better than tiny crab apples!

It took a few tries to learn to bite them in half first and not worry about the dirt.

Yummy!  Do you want some of these too?