Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall Florals

I love fall decorating. It is difficult to make fall arrangements look bad. Flowers, leaves, and twigs stuck into your favorite container brighten up most any space. Check out all the fun fall projects at The DIY Show Off.

The DIY Show Off

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I always have fun following links to see new blogs and find out what everyone is doing. Check out Twice Remembered for Make Your Monday!

Here was a fun easy project using scrapbooking paper, my Cricut, my new dragonfly punch(yea!),ribbon, and glue. I am still thinking about the mantel....

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A good save...

This is a small project but one I feel good about. My husband inherited many prints and pieces of art that his father had collected over his lifetime. I liked these prints but the frames had certainly seen better days. My husband agreed that I could do something with the frames so that we could display the art. So, once again, that trusty black spray paint comes to the rescue! Sometimes black spray paint is not just for crafty projects, it also works with fine art. (I will keep working on the photography. I have an SLR camera on my list for Christmas.)  I am linking to Between Naps on the Porch for Metamorphosis Monday.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy Fall Y'All

We are having such a gorgeous fall in North Dakota! It is still mostly green around here with temperatures near 80F. Perfect for enjoying fall. Our new country home is off a highway, so I thought I would try to bring some smiles to those traveling past our place.

While exploring last weekend, we discovered there is a junk pile out behind the shop. If you check out my display you will see and old green window frame and the piece of metal machinery/something that we unearthed. There are also lots of pieces of wood, pallets, and etc. I grabbed the white painted plywood and made a very quick sign to go with my roadside display. It is not perfect, but most people are traveling by at 60mph so I don't think they will notice! The strings you notice are to keep things from blowing away when there are 4o mph winds and semi-trucks whipping by. Click on the pictures to view them larger.

Enjoy and have a Happy Fall Y'All

Monday, September 21, 2009

Lilla Blanka rocks!

Oh my goodness!! I have just found a blog that captures my imagination and soul like none other. I just want to touch everything in the pictures, or move in, or something... And I want to share 'cause it is too wonderful a site to keep from those who have not found it yet. (I am still learning blogging protocol, so please someone let me know if I am being incorrect in posting this!)

As I was following links and perusing blogs, I found Lilla Blanka's blog. This is my idea of perfection. Here are some of Lilla's pictures.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Small Changes

Okay, this really isn't going to be all that exciting for you readers. But, getting some paint on the wall is my way of claiming my space or marking my territory. The previous owner has wallpaper boarders in several rooms. None of these boarders are something I want to see each day. The border in the kitchen was the easiest one to change. I have to figure out what else to hang with my ironstone platters and either add some color or just fill in with more white platters. But for the time being, I am much happier with my kitchen. Wood flooring and solid surface countertops on the list when my bank account allows.

Halloween Chic

I am participating in Metamorphosis Monday at Between Naps on the Porch. And linking to Southern Hospitality for Thrify Treasures.
Adding a link to the DIY Show Off and Fall Festival and Twice Remembered: Make Your Monday also.

I had a great weekend! Almost all of our unpacking got finished up. I got rid of the wallpaper border I didn't like in the kitchen (next post). I played with my animals. And I got some crafting done.

I found some very inexpensive wooden frames that are meant to be a kids project at Michal's and decided they would be fun for a Halloween project. THey measure about 4" by 4". I forgot the before pictures, so if I get back to Michael's tomorrow I'll add the before pictures. I need more of the picture stands also. A little scrapbooking paper, some fabric, ribbon, appliques, and some hand stitching and here you go. What do you think?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Confession time

I think it is time to admit I have an animal addiction....Why now? What makes me stop and think about how many animals are in my care? Well, it is this cute little furry body. I am pretty convinced I need to drive 200 miles to go get him and bring him home. I mean, he is almost 4 months old, and no one has adopted him yet. Poor thing. I am sure he needs (ahem) rescuing. (Or perhaps I should say ransoming given his price tag).

He would fit in well with Loki and Zoe...

and Baby...

and Ginger and Max...

And he could come out to the barn with me to see Abby...

and Smoke...

and Freida....

and Honey....

and Love...

Wait!!! That is not even a dozen animals! I don't have an addiction! I just need a new Miniature Australian Shepherd to be my barn buddy. Don't ya think so??!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

She said I could....


I am posting a small project I just did. I had to interrupt my unpacking to play for awhile. Thanks to Kimba at A Soft Place to Land and to Gina at *The Shabby Chic Cottage*.

I am still discovering all the great blogs out in blogland. I recently found Roeshel's blog The DIY Show Off. I really like her mercury glass pumpkins and she shared her technique so I copied her. She said I could. *grin* Here are the small pumpkins I painted. I will definitely being doing some larger ones. These are so very cool!!