Saturday, June 11, 2011

More junk style

The flowers are blooming. The deck is stained. And I wanted a table for feet and plates (hopefully not at the same time...) for the deck.  So I went shopping in the junk pile behind the shop.

And a few hours later, I have my table.  I am waiting for some steel wool stain to finish off the newer surfaces, but I couldn't wait to share this.

The table top is made out of the slats of an old bench swing that had been thrown away by previous property owners.  The base is made with 4 x 4's that had been legs for a strange rickety table, and some 1 X 4's.  I had great fun with the drill taking things apart and putting things together.

That new wood will get darkened so it blends it.  I think I will try the steel wool/vinegar mix I have seen used around blogland.

And it needed a few rustic accessories to finish it off.

Love what can happen with a junk pile of wood!

Chic on a Shoestring Decorating

Junk style garden decor

I love this!  I had so much fun searching for the bits and pieces and putting this together.  One of the benefits of having a home built on an old barnyard is that there is a  junk pile in the trees.  I have fun stuff for projects at no cost.

From bare to embellished-

My husband found the nest laying on the ground and saved it for me.  The rusty hinge came off an wood object that I took apart for another project.  The bittersweet vine has been in my garage since a country art show last fall.   The base is an old mailbox stand that was leaning against the back of the shop.  It just needed to be shortened and a base added.  Some of the metal bits came from an old wagon wheel that fell apart.

 The birdhouse is one I bought at a flea market/craft sale and added a little rusty metal.

I haven't decided where this will find a home in my yard yet.  I do know it will look fine where ever it lands!

What do you think?  A keeper?! 
And take a peak at my next post to see the table I built.

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special

The Shabby Nest

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Oh Deer

I am so enjoying our new visitor. Many afternoons and evenings over the past two weeks, Bucky (very original, huh?!) has wandered across our yard and stood outside our picture window eating.

  When we moved into our country home nearly two years ago, there was a doe with twin fawns that spent time in our yard.  I can't help but wonder if this is one of those twins.

I am looking forward to seeing how large his antlers will be.  Any guesses how many points his antlers will have?

Our backyard is about 3 acres surrounded by trees and a marais.  It is like having a large park.  It also gives our dogs a large place to roam with a natural fence to curb any tendencies to wander.  I have become the crazy lady that hollers out the door to warn Bucky before I let the dogs out.  But there are no neighbors close enough to hear me so (shhh)  you are the only ones who know I do this. 

He looks a little rough.  He is just shedding his winter fur.  We have had a horrible cold spring this year.  He has needed his extra fur until recently.  I bought him some corn to help fatten him up.  And maybe during hunting season he will stay close to our property which is all posted to keep hunters away.


I hope he sticks around and graces our yard all summer and fall...