Monday, May 30, 2011

Rainy holiday weekend

This year has been the slowest year for nice weather to arrive.  I did finally get some yard work done between showers on Saturday, otherwise it has either been raining or cold outside this spring.  I took time today to have fun being creative.  I have posted a lot of pictures also as they were part of the creative fun.  Hope you enjoy.

Romantic cuffs made of odds and ends.  They should be fun to wear with skirts and tshirts.

I found a great pearl piece in my stash of old and broken jewelry bits and pieces.

Otherwise, they are made of felt, lace bits, cheesecloth, beads, and a washer.

Bits of things that came together beautifully.

And great fun playing around with staging for the photographs.

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pet Portrait

Spring has not quite settled in this year.  We have fresh snow on the ground.  And I am sooo antsy to start planting things and making the yard pretty for our short warm season.  Here is one project I could start while waiting for the sun and warm weather.
We have a large yard and in the far back is a large mound near the marais.  When the yard was flooded this spring, our dog Ginger always was on the mound sniffing around.  For awhile, this mound was a small island.  We decided it would be fun to name and decorate this area which is now known as “Ginger Island”.
ginger profile
This is Ginger.

This is my rendition of Ginger.

And this is her sign.  Next time I do a sign I will work on the lettering a bit more.  I love the weathered board I found in the junk pile behind an out building. Wish there were lots more with that perfect weathering.

I will have to post a picture of the sign installed when the sun comes out and the snow has melted away again.

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