Saturday, February 23, 2013

Frosty February

I woke up with major spring fever....   and spring has been known to wait until May to show up in these parts.   That means a lot of weeks dreaming about gardening while waiting for snow to melt.   Thankfully,  it was a beautiful frosty foggy February day which reminded me of the beauty of winter.    It warmed up to 20 degrees F so took the dogs and my camera and went snowshoeing for a bit this afternoon.

Too many pictures of a warm winter day:

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dandelions are fine

We are on the northern edge of a snowstorm.   No blizzard warning for us all day but roads are shut down and it was a good day to play.  The first flowers of spring around here are dandelions.  So it seemed making dandelions was a good snowstorm project while dreaming of spring!

I have to say, I think these turned out pretty cool.   And I didn't have to buy anything.  All the supplies were found rummaging in my bins of 'stuff'.

Do they make you think of sunshine, kids playing in the spring, and lawns?

They are pretty easy to make.  I cut a piece of wire from a hanger and wrapped it in floral tape.  I cut a strip of yellow felt and made slits along one edge.  The yellow felt got wrapped around the stem and I used needle and thread to secure it.  Green felt was wrapped around the bottom and secured.  The leaf was secured using more floral tape.

They looks sorta cool stuck in an old wood spool with thick green thread.

Yep, it will only be a couple of months until the dandelions start blooming and the grass starts turning green.  There is a lot of snow to melt first....

Checking out dandelions on Google images to help with my creating.  A fun touch of summer in the middle of winter storm Orko.  (So who came up with the name Orko?  )

Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentine's cards and caddies

...and more paper play.   These are the rest of my Super Bowl projects.

Cards made using washi tape, stamps, and my new Sillouette Cameo.

And some paper towel or toilet paper tubes up-cycled into treat caddies.  This idea came from a number of sources on Pinterest.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Tag(s)

Truth be told, I am not a huge football fan.  I enjoy watching a good game, but don't plan my weekends around football.  And I always watch the Super Bowl, even if it is often to catch the advertisements.  And I usually am doing at least one other thing when I watch television.  This time it was making tags.

I am just finding the joys of washi tape.  I see more of that in my future!

 Stamps, Sillouette cutouts,  paper punch, and bits of this and that combined to make some Valentine tags.

Now what to do with these tags??  Guess I better plan on delivering treats to family and friends to use them.

 And a random deer thrown in.  There are some birthdays coming up for some of the guys in my family.

So the Super Bowl was a win for me!  I made a bunch of cards and treat holders also.  Those will show up in my next posts.  Hope you enjoyed your Sunday!  Football or no football!  Do you multi-task also? 

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