Monday, March 28, 2011

Pretty Things

This is going to be a busy week but thought I would leave this picture for you.

Created using Golden texture provided by Kim Klassen


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Homemakers Club



I remember going with Grandma to Homemaker Club meetings.  Do any of you remember Homemakers Club?  Blogging seems to be the modern version.   I remember Grandma and the other ladies sharing projects along with lunch and gossip. Even the Homemakers Creed fits for many of the bloggers I read.

  Homemakers Creed

I believe my home is sacred, a place where love, faith, hope and devotion have their beginning, where each has his right respected by others; where joys and blessings, sorrows and disappointments are shared in common; where God is revered and honored, fellowmen respected, and love is law.

I believe it is my duty to live up to the best that is in me to attain this, to fear things unworthy, to conquer difficulties by daring to attempt them, to be a champion as well as counselor to my family, and to teach and live, love of home, country, fellowmen and God.


It is fun to remember going places with Grandma and the afternoons my sister and I played at a neighbors home while the ladies had their meeting. 


random picture of ladies in the 1960’s

Do any of you remember Homemakers Clubs?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Making everday life nicer

I mostly create things that I can use or that I want.  I love seeing what others have made and recreating them with my own style for my life.   

Sometimes it suddenly hits me that I do not always use my creativity where it can be most appreciated. And then I fix my mistake.

I go straight from work out to the barn to ride horse or take a lesson at least one day a week.  I have been using a Target plastic bag to carry my barn clothes to work so I can change. (insert hand hitting forehead here)

So I decided to fix that!

That looks better than a plastic bag, doesn't it?

  And best of all, it was free other than a little time.  I just had to dig through my piles of stuff and I found what I needed.

Funny how the routine things we do sometimes get overlooked as a place we can treat ourselves well and be make everyday life a little nicer.  I will be smiling the next time I pack my riding clothes to bring to work.

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

What fulfills your dreams?


When I am not working at my clinic or puttering around my home, I am at the barn with my horses.  They are a very large part of my life.


This is Honey (A Crusing Impulse), my 7 year old QH mare.  She comes trotting to the gate when she sees my car drive up to the barn.  I trust her and she trusts me.  We have grown together.  She was an un-broke 2 year old and I was a brand new rider when I bought her and we began to learn together 5 years ago.  She started with me on my journey to live my dream of riding and competing with horses.



Love (Lil Miss Blackjac) fulfilled my dream of learning and competing at reining.  She has been an incredibly patient and talented teacher.  Before her, I never would have dreamed that I could be in an arena doing sliding stops, rollbacks, and spins.  She is so very gentle, yet at times has an attitude that reminds me why some riders choose not to deal with mares.  (I personally love mares with attitude and my horses have all been mares!)




What dreams are you waiting to pursue?

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A Day In The Life

March, you are such a tease…

March really is the cruelest month for those of us in the upper Midwest.  The days are longer and there are reports of spring and blossoms in other parts of the country.  We get yet another blizzard that left over 800 motorists stranded across the state of North Dakota.  Although the storm was well predicted it hit hard and fast when it arrived with 50 mph winds.  I can’t even get to my forsythia bushes to cut branches and force blooms.  They are buried in a snow bank yet.
So what’s a girl to do but make her own bit of spring!
spring blossoms

I think this is one of my favorite free projects.  Branches from the yard, tissue paper saved from presents, and a hot glue gun create spring magic!
And to keep enjoying spring a bit more, I played around with photo editing.