Monday, February 21, 2011

Necessary Mess Makers

Animals are a large part of our lives.  They play a part in making our house a home.  They also have had their moments of destroying our home....

 This is Ginger.  She was our first shelter rescue.  Ginger approaches the world as a joyous place where everyone should love her!

Max is also a rescue.  He is much more serious than Ginger.  He is also 110 pound lap dog--don't let his appearance fool you!

Max is practicing good manners for my first grandchild due in July.

Every home needs a big Baby (Baby Aurora Mia). 

And I am still trying to convince my husband I need some chickens.....


  1. big hearts with lots of love - yours and theirs

  2. Beautiful pictures from beautiful people who help needful animals. My Bud is your Aurora--even though he is a cat he is our "guard cat" I want chickens too...


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