Monday, November 9, 2009

Christmas Ornaments?

I have been playing around with things on hand and created some Christmas ornaments. I think I like them but really would like some objective comments. You know how sometimes when you are working on something that and you just can't quite step back and see it clearly? I also realize that these likely will appeal to some but not all. Seriously, constructive criticism will be appreciated!

Keep them or try again?!

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I just made my first visit to Reinvented and her Trash to Treasure party also.


  1. Cute idea!!


  2. I like! The little wooden house are adorable.

    I like working with scrap wood and mixed media too!

  3. Hi Brenda, I'm so glad that you made your first trip to Trash to Treasure! These ornaments are adorable, I love the red paper you used for the roofs! Definitely keepers, definitely. :)
    Thanks for linking up!

  4. Those are so great! Unique and them Brenda :o)

  5. I really like them. They are cute and primitive. Only thing I would do different if you do more is this. You wont see the backs when they are on the tree and it seems sad to have the words back there. Maybe add some of the words to the front with the pictures.
    Just a thought.


  6. Great idea. The wooden houses are very vute. I need to make those. Now where is my hubby when I need him th cut wood.

  7. Keep them, for sure!! They are so cute!

  8. I like them. I think that anytime you do something like this there should be at least 5 of them though, so that your eye has a chance to travel around the tree and take in all of what is going on. How big are these?
    You are so crafty.
    Have I mentioned that?

  9. I love those. I hope you will post to the Celebrate the Holidays party or Its So Very Creative.


  10. Those are way too cute! ARe they heavy to hang?

  11. What cute little ornaments...I think you should make more....keep some and give some away! Happy Fall Ya'll from Houston, TX

  12. I think you have a winner here. Definitely a keep!


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