Monday, November 2, 2009

Dropcloth rosette instructions

I have had a number of requests for instructions on making the rosettes I have used on on a pillow (and a lamp shade).

Tear a strip of fabric about an inch wide.  The frayed edges make the flowers look much better, so fabric that frays a bit when torn is best. Otherwise, pull some threads to make the edges fringey.  The length of the strip will determine how big the flower will be. I used a 22 inche strip here.  Adjust length of the strips to the size you want. Twist the strip of fabric and make a flat coil as you go. Make sure the first coils are tight and round as they are the middle of the flower. Use your hot glue gun to coat the flat surface as you go--this will be the back of the flower.   When the flower is the size you want, or you have come to the end of the fabric strip, glue it neatly to the top edge of the coil. When you turn it over, the end will be tucked behind the flower.

It is really easy, but takes a bit of playing around and 'feel' to figure out how tight to twist the fabric strip and how tight to make the coil. Be careful, I burned myself with hot glue when I made my first few flowers. I use the tip of the glue gun to spread the glue around where I want it.


  1. Thanks for emailing me the instructions and for posting the tutorial on your blog. The pictures really helped! I'm going to give these a try.

  2. Thanks for your email and posting the instructions! Looks like something I can do! And I mean it, Anthropologie may come looking for you!

  3. YES!!! I was wondering how you made these! I will have to use this one another one of my 'walmart bags'. :) :) (<--You have made me very happy!)

  4. P.S. I gave you an award- check out my blog to find out more... ;)

  5. I love this idea! I am totally doing one (or 5) of these pronto! love it, thanks so much!



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