Sunday, January 23, 2011

Crumpled notes

I found a project yesterday that I just had to copy! And we are having weather that is a bit more severe than predicted so I am stuck at home. What is a girl to do but create...

Here is the original project by Flamingo Toes .  Didn't she do an awesome job!  So cute.  She wrote a tutorial for those of you that like this idea also.

Here is my version.   Then I discovered I did not have a 5 X 7 frame to put it in.  

I only found several empty western themed 6 X 4 frames . This led me further down the path to making this project my way.

Don't you just want to try this, and create a note that works for you?!

And this is what I ended up with today.   I am pretty sure I will be stitching some more notebook pages though


Hope your are having a cozy creative weekend!

And here are Love and Honey who inspire me.  FYI, they came to me with those barn names--I didn't come up with them.  But they do fit my girls.  :)


  1. beautiful and i love the page stitching

  2. this is freehand i presume? i love it

  3. Brenda your notes are so darling!!! I love them both! You did a great job - and I love the pictures of your horses. They're so pretty!


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