Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Homemakers Club



I remember going with Grandma to Homemaker Club meetings.  Do any of you remember Homemakers Club?  Blogging seems to be the modern version.   I remember Grandma and the other ladies sharing projects along with lunch and gossip. Even the Homemakers Creed fits for many of the bloggers I read.

  Homemakers Creed

I believe my home is sacred, a place where love, faith, hope and devotion have their beginning, where each has his right respected by others; where joys and blessings, sorrows and disappointments are shared in common; where God is revered and honored, fellowmen respected, and love is law.

I believe it is my duty to live up to the best that is in me to attain this, to fear things unworthy, to conquer difficulties by daring to attempt them, to be a champion as well as counselor to my family, and to teach and live, love of home, country, fellowmen and God.


It is fun to remember going places with Grandma and the afternoons my sister and I played at a neighbors home while the ladies had their meeting. 


random picture of ladies in the 1960’s

Do any of you remember Homemakers Clubs?


  1. Aww, I'm sorry but I have never heard of it, but sounds great.
    I wish people still had time to drop in for coffee and let the kids play. Life has gotten so busy. Sometimes my husband and I just stop in to visit an older family member or friend. After our visit we always say 'We should do that more often.'
    Isn't that what life is about? Relationships with others.

  2. I'm IN a Homemakers club in KY. They are still around and are still relevent. If it interests you, call your county ag extension agent office.


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