Sunday, March 20, 2011

Making everday life nicer

I mostly create things that I can use or that I want.  I love seeing what others have made and recreating them with my own style for my life.   

Sometimes it suddenly hits me that I do not always use my creativity where it can be most appreciated. And then I fix my mistake.

I go straight from work out to the barn to ride horse or take a lesson at least one day a week.  I have been using a Target plastic bag to carry my barn clothes to work so I can change. (insert hand hitting forehead here)

So I decided to fix that!

That looks better than a plastic bag, doesn't it?

  And best of all, it was free other than a little time.  I just had to dig through my piles of stuff and I found what I needed.

Funny how the routine things we do sometimes get overlooked as a place we can treat ourselves well and be make everyday life a little nicer.  I will be smiling the next time I pack my riding clothes to bring to work.

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  1. love the horse bridle hanging!!

  2. That's a great tote for your barn clothes! I love how you have incorporated the fabric with the horses!
    Have a great week.


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