Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summertime jewels and treasures

Gooseberries are like jewels.  The ripe ones are somewhat rare--it is very difficult to beat the birds to the ripe berries.  But this summer I did it!!  And the color and translucence of gooseberries make them jewel-like.  I didn't even know that they did ripen to a dark red with a sweet easy to eat taste.  I suspect that gooseberries are often picked while green because that is the best way to beat the birds!

Gooseberries can be a bit difficult to pick.  The branches are a bit thorny.  The berries grow along long drooping branches and it is easiest to lift up the branch as you pick the berries off of it.  As I was cruising through the bushes I found another treasure.

Isn't it such a sweet little nest!

I was busy taking pictures from different angles.  Admiring the nest.  Thinking I might have to save it once fall comes and it will be destroyed by our harsh winters. 

And then I discovered it had not yet been abandoned.

Treasures within a treasure.  Definitely summertime treasures and jewels.  My kind of riches.

Now to see if I can discover what kind of bird built this nest and laid her eggs.  Do you know?

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