Saturday, August 13, 2011

Still enjoying summer...

 Really, I am not ready for all the posts excited about fall.  We finally got summer rolling about the first of July here.  And fall in North Dakota means cold weather, freezing rain or snow, and everything quickly turns grey.  We get about 4 pretty fall days before the trees are all bare branches.  So I am officially diggingin my heels and holding onto summer for awhile yet.  LOL!  I will read the blogs all excited about fall and file ideas away but not gonna go there yet.  I'll catch up to y'all somewhere in the middle of September or maybe even after the first of October.  Okay, now carry on if you must.  ;)

I am going to continue enjoying summer flowers...

And I am okay if there are a few more sunrises that come with thunderstorms.

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  1. Love your photos, especially the last one..beautiful!
    Russian Torts are too difficult. I have them outside in a metal "corral" in the Summer. You need to sink it down about a foot and have it pretty high..they will dig under and climb over! We found that out the hard way. I overwinter them in the garage in one of those huge rubbermaid tub containers. Rabbit food is their litter(in case they eat it it's ok) and have a broad spectrum bulb overhead. THey ned it to be able to digest their food. We've had ours for about forever and they are still here.
    I would not get a pair if I were to do it again. The male is pretty agressive toward the female. He chases her and bites off her toes! So needless to say you rarely see her, she usually buries herself to hide. I try to separate them in the Winter due to the smaller area. But he gets through any barrier I make. Don't have enough room in the storage area for another tub so I put boxes on their side inside the tub so he can't find her as easy.
    Have a great Holiday weekend and thanks for the visit!!


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