Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wall art inspired by ?

I know that at some point I saw a Livery Stable sign that I liked,  I have been saving the idea for some time and finally got it done.

My husband removed some old cabinets that were in the garage.  The cabinet doors were perfect for painting a faux vintage sign.  It gave me a chance to play around with chalk paint a bit more also.

Right now it is sitting in our sun room on top of a bookcase.  This room is where most of my horse things are displayed.

I wish that Cuts a Lot still worked for Cricut Machines. I should have bought the program when I looked at it a year or so ago.   It would make sign making and other word graphics so much easier.  I might have to put a Silhoutte on my wish list. 

Definitely need practice  with this type of graphics but it did turn out much like I wanted it to do.  (Do you know how much it costs to keep a horse?  They are an expensive hobby when you can't keep them at home.  But they aren't really a hobby, they are a central part of my life.  I really can't imagine not having them.  Teacher, therapist, pet, partner, entertainment, and more.)

and just for fun, a sneak peek at another project I am finishing....

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