Sunday, January 22, 2012

Just hanging around...

I got another project completed that makes me smile....

Three birds sewn from an old sheet and scraps of flannel hanging in the sunroom which is currently decorated in mostly neutral tones--winter white?

A branch wrapped with scraps of old sweaters left over from mitten-making serves as the hanger.

And just for fun, a little winter sparrow (?) resting on the branch,

 Peaceful doves hanging in the winter chill, waiting for snow to fall.

Silly things, like sweater wrapped branches make me smile and feel good.

There is something very peaceful and comfortable about these birds.

Stuck in the grey and white landscape of a northern winter, might as well celebrate the neutral tones.

Keeping It Simple


  1. this is super cool I hope you'll add this to my What We Wore and Made link party over at

  2. How sweet! When I first saw the picture, I assumed it was for a nursery, but it looks lovely there.


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