Friday, July 13, 2012

Simple deck table

We have been having the most wonderful summer here in North Dakota.  It has been in the 80's for weeks.  There have been some summers in the recent past when we were lucky if we got on or two days that reached 80.  Not everybody living up here appreciates the heat like I do.....    This nice summer means enjoying more time in the backyard and on the deck so thought I would share an easy project with you.

I needed a side table for the settee on my deck and the plastic one I had was no longer cutting it!  So I rummaged in the leftover wood pile and found what I needed to make a small table.  This is made from a square of plywood for the top, 2 x 2's for the legs, and 1 x 4 for the sides.   I got to play with the table saw to make this!  Don't you just feel like you are super cool when you use the power tools?  or is that just me?

I had some leftover green paint from another project and mixed some water and tile grout in with it to make my own version of chalk paint.  The grout was pre-mixed rather than powder and that worked out just fine.
Here are some pictures of the texture it provided:

Yep, I have a thing for texture--- so you get lots of pictures of it.  As the table is going to sit on my deck, I wasn't too worried about it being all nicely finished.  The weather would shortly change that anyway.

Perfect little table to sit on my deck and hold a planter and a drink...

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  1. Fits the spot perfectly and looks like its always been there! Your deck is lovely

  2. Honey I AM supper cool when I use power tools! I love the color and texture on this table. Looks great!

  3. Great little ALWAYS need more of those! The flowers look wonderful too...I envy your cool temps!Thanks for joining our party too!

  4. I love texture too, and I love your green color. Thanks for linking up to Hot Fun in the Summertime.


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