Monday, July 23, 2012

...the canning rack is where?!

Here is my current mantel vignette. Much like the rest of you, this is an ever changing display.  The mantel is such an easy place to rearrange, shift the mood of a room, and try new things without too much time or effort.  (Much easier than painting or moving large furniture around!)

I am currently continuing my love of neutrals and naturals.   I expect that will change at some point.  It was fun to work in some different colors on some recent projects.  But using unexpected objects likely won't change.

Dried or fresh, hydrangeas or wonderful.  I really like them plopped in this sea grass basked.  Scrabble tiles and typewriter keys contained in jars sit and wait until I I need them for a project.  At a recent garage sale, I scored a large box of assorted lace pieces for a wonderful price.

And the canning rack sits right smack in the middle of the mantel for now.   I needed something that added a bit of interest without being too visually heavy and as I wondered around looking for an idea, I spotted the rack.  For now, it works just fine and the pendent banner adds a little bit of color.  Yea, the red ball is a dog toy... not a decoration.  The dogs' toys end up thrown on the hearth to keep them out of the middle of the floor.

More odd assortments on the other side of the mantel.   Barbwire, lace and babies go together just fine.

For the moment, I like this mix of some of my favorite collected items.  (I can't believe my granddaughter is a year old already!  Seems like she was just born.  This is one of her newborn pictures.)

There you have it.  A canning rack takes center stage!  Who knew?


  1. This is such a cozy fireplace mantel! It almost has me looking forward to fall...

  2. Awesome mantel!It looks adorable. I like the hanging style.

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