Sunday, June 28, 2009

Garage sale finds

It was Saturday, I had free time, and there were lots of adds for interesting garage sales so I had to go searching. Nevermind it means more stuff to move when our house sells.... I love this screen I found. It has old white/cream paint with some green showing through in worn spots. I so wish I had bought the other two screens that were standing with this one!! I just know I will find the perfect way to use it.
As for this turkey, he just caught my eye. He still had a price tag that said $32 so that just confirmed I was getting a great buy! ;) He will look great at Thanksgiving in some sort of tablescape. Right color, right price, and caught my eye.


  1. Just potted in on your blog and I love your screen. Here is just a quick idea for you. I have something similar but it is a glass door. I turned it into a back drop for my office desk. I have put pictures on it and other special things from my kids. I originally wanted it to be a desk organizer. With pockets of different size to hold folders, pen, pencils etc.. You can sew them right on to the screen with embroidery thread. Just a thought for you. I love horses as well, just do not have any get. Some day.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love the turkey, I have a collection of my own. I have a thing for iconic pieces during holidays, like Halloween and pumpkins, Thanksgiving and Turkeys, Valentines and hearts. I like all the other things that go with holidays but it seems each holiday has it's icon and just wouldn't be complete without it.


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