Sunday, June 21, 2009

I am picking up after myself and I am liking it. I have a tendency to follow in my Mom's footsteps (sorry Mom) and leave what what my husband calls "Brenda Droppings" where ever I have been. A magazine, 1/2 a can of Dt. Mt. Dew I will finish tomorrow or the next day, a pile of clothes that maybe can be worn once more to the barn before washing,... But with our house on the market, it is much easier just to pick up after myself as I go rather than have to make a mad dash when some realtor calls. Now, the last couple of days have not been real busy so the test will come when I am back to feeling rushed. But I suspect, I am going to find that picking up after myself as I go doesn't really take much time. And maybe if I do keep picking up after myself, Jonathan will realize that he leaves his own messes behind him. :) Now if only I could teach the dogs(2) and cats (4) to pick up after themselves!

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