Friday, July 17, 2009

Favorite things

Here are some of my favorite pieces of stoneware. I have always loved white ironstone and white dishes. They remind me of Grandma's dishes. I have some of my platters hung on the soffit above my sink. I found a box of Wedgewood dishes with an incomplete set for $12.00 for the box about 7 years ago. I still love them! And I found this pear that I think looks great with another grouping of odds and ends I have collected over time. One can never have too many old white dishes. There is just something simple, lovely, and yet rich about them. I will definitely continue to pick up white stoneware and ironstone when I find it. (but never serve berries in your old white dishes. :( OOPS!! anyone know how to remove the stains?!)

And I want to thank Angela Harris for the tag I won. I was so excited when I got an envolope in the mail today with the tag I won in her givewawy. Thank you!!!


  1. I glad you came over and thanks for your lovely comments.
    I did like the color before, but it was time for a change and this new look blends better with the rest of my house. I still have a bedroom decorated in this shade of blue. I will always need a touch of it!
    I love your white dishes and the cute pear. I have always had a thing for pears. I have a few oddball ones hanging around.

  2. Hi Brenda, I like white dishes as well. My everyday dishes are white ironstone by Mikasa but I collect other odds and ends as well. I also collect blue and white Staffordshire.

    You joined by giveaway this month at and your butterfly is ready, I just need an address to send it off to, my email is

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog :) Love your white plates, don't know if this will work, but I'd try either baking soda or borax or vinegar on the stain. Those ingredients usually work on everything!

  4. Great blog! It's fun to find another a crafty horse person out there, LOL! I am currently restyling my blog to include a little more of my passion for design and home decor, as well as riding. I love a good find, and I am constantly hitting the second hand shops in search of a treasure or two!


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