Sunday, July 5, 2009

Productive Weekend

I LOVE all the ideas I get from you bloggers out there. I had some time this weekend so played around with some of the projects I have admired. Here are two chalkboards I made out of silver trays (bought for $2.00 and the other $.50!). They haven't been drying long enough to write on them yet but you get the idea. This came from several bloggers: Bless Our Nest and The Shabby Nest. Thank you for the great idea!!
I found instructions to make stamped washers from Sugardoodle. I have 6 horses that I board and two of them are leased out to a teenage girl. She and several of her horse friends are frequently out riding and I so enjoy those girls. I made these necklaces for the girls just for fun.
It was a great weekend with sun, relaxation, crafting and now this evening another sprint to get our house ready for a showing tomorrow. Thank goodness I live in a part of the country that has not been affected much at all by the housing problems the rest of the nation is having so our house should sell relatively soon.

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  1. Those necklaces are SO COOL! How kind of you to give them to the girls!


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