Sunday, July 12, 2009

Looking for Time

Here is another one of my time user uppers. I love the mixed media collages that people create, so I finally got brave enough to play around and here is my first try. I think I like it but I will definitely keep creating to develop my own style and design.

There is just never enough time! I have way too many interests and it is so very hard to find time for all of them. I have tried to convince my husband he would love a stay at home wife but we both agree that neither of us could do without my income. If I only was interested in my home, crafts, reading, and etc. I could probably find enough time to work and play. But I also have the privilege of owning 6 horses and trying to show two of them in different events. That takes a lot of time! I really just want an extra day each week. I would make good use of it! I would visit family and friends that I don't see often enough. I would read professional journals in more detail. I would keep myself more organized. I promise I wouldn't pursue yet another hobby or interest...


  1. Hi Brenda:

    Thanks for visiting Yellow Beach Dog today. It's always nice to meet new blog friends! I look forward to perusing your blog! :-)

    Your horses are gorgeous!!!


  2. Hi Brenda,
    I actually found you over at the blog rating place! Your name is what attracted me. I am glad I checked it out. Great blog. I am now follower #2.
    I just started being a stay-at-home-empty-nester-mom (aka early retirement) so I have lots more time, but I know what the time struggle was like when I did work. Not fun.
    I would love to have you visit BCH.


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