Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dropcloth, chairs, and lamp

It was a dark and rainy night.  And I was tired of looking at Max's handiwork.  (Hint for future dog owners.  Big puppies chew up furniture instead of shoes.)  But doesn't he look like he is sorry now that he is all grown up?!

After reading about the wonderfulness of Home Depot's dropcloths, I had my husband buy several so I could make a slipcover for a chaise lounge. Unfortunately he bought several different sizes and they were different fabrics. But I knew I would still use them. So tonight I grabbed my kitchen chairs and the cat bench pillow. Lots of staples later, the chairs look much better and Max no longer has to feel guilty.

There were lots of strips of fabric left and I had been thinking about trying to make the rosettes that are popping up everywhere.  They are FUN to make!  and I love the way the look.  I spied my boring white lamp on the counter and spiffyed (I am sure that is a verb!) up the shade.

Now just imagine wood floors and granite counter tops to get the full picture. They are in the plan sometime in the future.  Small steps to perfection.


  1. The chairs look great, I love those drop cloths!! Love the roses on the lampshade too, they are the perfect touch!

  2. A drop cloth!?!?!? Really?? They look wonderful!!! - We have a Max, too. His favorite things to chew on are 2 liter bottles and rocks! Guess we are kind of lucky!!!


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