Saturday, June 11, 2011

More junk style

The flowers are blooming. The deck is stained. And I wanted a table for feet and plates (hopefully not at the same time...) for the deck.  So I went shopping in the junk pile behind the shop.

And a few hours later, I have my table.  I am waiting for some steel wool stain to finish off the newer surfaces, but I couldn't wait to share this.

The table top is made out of the slats of an old bench swing that had been thrown away by previous property owners.  The base is made with 4 x 4's that had been legs for a strange rickety table, and some 1 X 4's.  I had great fun with the drill taking things apart and putting things together.

That new wood will get darkened so it blends it.  I think I will try the steel wool/vinegar mix I have seen used around blogland.

And it needed a few rustic accessories to finish it off.

Love what can happen with a junk pile of wood!

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  1. Love the scrap wood projects and now your porch looks so inviting and comfy. Guess I am going to trek back out to our woodpile and try to whip up some fun pieces too. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I love your deck! and your landscape is beautiful. That table is an awesome addition.

  3. Brenda I love your homemade table, that is the best kind. You do what I do, if ya got the wood somewhere break out the saw,hammer,drill,screws and nails. Looks good on your deck too. Thanks for fixing it where I can comment. I will be back to see ya!

  4. I love the table! I want my Ranch Boy to make a headboard out of the old barnwood from the homestead on his property! Just one more projet to add the list... ;-)
    Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Impressive....what a great idea AND I'm so impressed at your power tools skills!


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