Thursday, June 2, 2011

Oh Deer

I am so enjoying our new visitor. Many afternoons and evenings over the past two weeks, Bucky (very original, huh?!) has wandered across our yard and stood outside our picture window eating.

  When we moved into our country home nearly two years ago, there was a doe with twin fawns that spent time in our yard.  I can't help but wonder if this is one of those twins.

I am looking forward to seeing how large his antlers will be.  Any guesses how many points his antlers will have?

Our backyard is about 3 acres surrounded by trees and a marais.  It is like having a large park.  It also gives our dogs a large place to roam with a natural fence to curb any tendencies to wander.  I have become the crazy lady that hollers out the door to warn Bucky before I let the dogs out.  But there are no neighbors close enough to hear me so (shhh)  you are the only ones who know I do this. 

He looks a little rough.  He is just shedding his winter fur.  We have had a horrible cold spring this year.  He has needed his extra fur until recently.  I bought him some corn to help fatten him up.  And maybe during hunting season he will stay close to our property which is all posted to keep hunters away.


I hope he sticks around and graces our yard all summer and fall...


  1. my aunt and uncle have a pet deer i think 3 yrs now.....this pass hunting season they put a orange vest on her and she made it through the season!! she actually comes to the back door and knocks and they either go out to walk with her or they let her in...yep in the house.....she has been the neighbor hood pet since very small 1 neighbor lets her in alot and she lays on there couch....its frieken amazing. i have some pic's if you would be interested......

  2. hello,

    very wonderful photos.
    I like it.

    greatings send you Conny


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