Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cozy Vintage Prairie Junk Style?

I moved some things around and then had to take some pictures.   I so enjoy the blogs where the author's sense of style is consistent and identifiable.  I am still working on cohesiveness.  I've been told that I always create 'cozy' where ever I live.  And I have always appreciated found treatures.  I suspect that is because the farm junk pile was where I shopped for things to fuel my imagination as a child.  I sure wish I had been able to keep some of the very neat found objects I used to furnish my play house (which was a copse of trees behind my Grandma's house).

I found an old kitchen cabinet with an enameled metal top and one drawer that is metal.  The paint is not going to last long despite shellacking because the whole piece was in such disrepair.  But I love the flaking paint and the feeling I get from this cabinet.

And I really like the things found at A Little Bit French.  But French style just wouldn't quite fit with vintage praire junque.  So I adapted some of the things I see there so my mini ticking pillows have horses and hoof prints, and dream printed on them.  Throw in some collected antimacassars and doillies from my collections.  Toss it all in the drawer of a decrepit cabinet and you have a sample of my style...

Yummy old chippy paint that won't last much longer.

You will find this sitting in my small sunroom as a display space for other collections and objects.

Quite an eclectic mix:  a tool box I made and painted with ASCH, the barbwire collection I got for my birthday and have yet to mount and frame, a nest with collected feathers in a planter, an old ceramic pot, a dried hydrangea blossom siting in a miniature chair.  Sometimes the things I like don't always fit together in a single cohesive manner.  But they sure reflect the things the sing to my heart.

This vingette is a bit more cohesive, if limited, reflection of the things I love.

The hardware on this cabinet reflects some of what I value in the things I collect.  I guess much of what I like has a history of usefulnes in everyday life yet something extra that lifts it above the ordinary.  (and as I write that I think that is not a bad model for living life...)

Have you ever thought about what reflects your style?  and how it evolved?


  1. I'm sooo there with you & in love with cozy, with vintage and with prairie & all mixed together it's perfection!

  2. OMG! LOVE THIS! I'm so jealous. Perfect imperfection. Isn't that what its all about?


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