Sunday, October 2, 2011

Creative or Crazy Shoddy?

We have a large bay window in our living room that looks out on our very private 3 acre backyard. I took down the blinds the came with the house as we had never closed them in 3 years. There remained a very nice but unremarkable white valance that did nothing for the view or room. I haven't decided whether to hang decorative drapes on the sides (and what kind) or whether to put trim aournd the window.

So long story short, I had one of those middle of the night crazy thoughs and had to try it out.

Can you guess what I have done?  with book pages sewn together?
I made temprorary drapes out of vintage book pages!
They are sewn together and hung on the sides and across the top of the window.

It is definitely something I haven't seen except in my crazy middleof the night thoughs.

The color of the old paper works well in the room....

Ta daaa...

I lightened this one so you could see a bit better.  And haven't mastered photoshop so I couldn't brighten and lighten the inside without blowing out the outside.  So please excuse the BRIGHT view.

It makes me smile so it will stay temporarily and probably get tweaked a bit until I decide on how to dress this window.  So what do you think, creative or crazy shoddy?  (and any suggestions for a real treatment for the window are most welcome).


  1. Definitely different! But I think I like it! I would add some kind of curtain rod or something at the top to finish off the window treatment to "frame it". Just an idea...

  2. Hmmm...
    is Crazy Creative an option?

    While you're experimenting and trying to decide what to do and not cover the view (after all its' private...well, why not? I think it is definitely different, and I've seen walls covered in pages...
    So I say, Great job!

  3. I like it a lot and how you folded the little corner over at the side...I have many nontraditional window treatments in my home.

    Lezlee Cheek


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