Sunday, October 2, 2011

and a touch of humor

I have a very large (like 110 pounds) lapdog. Max loves to curl up on the couch next to me. But Max and the couch did not get along.

My beautiful leather couch got destroyed by Max enthusiastically jumping off when he had things to do. 

At least he has the sense to look a little bit guilty.  The answer is probably to train him to stay off the couch but I really like when my dogs are curled up next to me on cold winter nights.  And I am a pushover for a sad puppy face so keeping them off the couch is not likely to happen.

And so I came up with another temporary no cost fix.

I made a patch that makes the couch useable and a bit less ugly with a touch of humor thrown in,   And now to go do some research and see if my couch can be repaired.  I wish the cushions were removable and seperate rather than sewn into the couch.  >sigh<  It would have made life so much easier.  Because of the way it is made, a seat slipcover just would not stay in place.

I just don't understand why some people don't like sharing their living space with animals.....


  1. Great idea Brenda! I love your book page valance below, it looks awesome!

  2. This is really fun! I need to do something like this, both my Shepherd-mixes decided to start eating our couch this week. My cushions aren't removable and I don't have a sewing machine :( How did you get this to stay in place?


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