Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Old favorite to new favorite...

I bet most of us have had a pair of jeans that seemed super special and then got worn and worn and worn out.  ( Anyone else remember when Zena jeans were THE jeans to own? )   And of course you don't throw them away, you reinvent.  This pair of jeans became bracelets as well as this apron.

Grab that old pair of jeans.  Cut up the side seam right next to the seam.  Cut along the waistband on the front of the jeans and leave the waist band attached to the back of the jeans.  The waistband will serve as the tie for your apron.

Cut the jeans off below the back pockets at the length that works for you.

Sew on a wide ruffle to add length to the apron.  This ruffle is actually an old valence I had made for windows in a previous house.  (Pays to save things you know you can re-use!)  And embellish as you choose.

I added a drop cloth rosette, and bits of lace to finish this one off.

And there it is, a cute free apron so that favorite pair of jeans can become a new favorite apron.  :)  Let me know if you make one. There are lots of fun variations on this apron floating around.


  1. Ha! That's pretty brilliant to use rhe eadt band and button like that! And you can still salvage the zipper to reuse also for later!.

  2. Lovely! Featured this tonight. I adore the lace peeking out of the pocket, especially! xo Jami

  3. I love this idea, can't wait to try it out.

  4. What a fantastic idea!!! Thank you so much!!! I used to take the legs from the jeans and cut them to the size I wanted and make drawstring bags... When MARBLES were the craze I made marble drawstring bags using bootlaces for the drawstring AND painted "MARBLES" on the bag... WOW I LOVE your idea for the apron!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  5. What!? You mean the Zenas I am saving to fit back into are no longer in style! LOL
    What a great idea this is. Janet

  6. I saw this on Denim Do Over and had to come over and tell you how much I love it! I think this would be great for my daughters, approaching the teen years, what a cute and sassy apron for that age, they love to bake and these don't look old and frumpy. They'd love them. Thanks so much for sharing. -Dawn @ We Call It Junkin.com


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