Monday, June 18, 2012

Sign of the times

Yep, all three children are now married and settling into their own family lives.  My daughter puts up with a lot of pressure  flack for living so far away.  ....something about the weather in North Dakota.....   My sons live about an hour a way while my daughter lives about 12 hours away.   And this all led to a project.  I have a newly expanded deck/patio that I have been busy decorating and decided a sign post would be a fun touch.  The different towns and distances represent where the kids live and where my husband and I go to work.

And for whatever reason, the sign brings back memories of watching M*A*S*H.   Pretty sure they had a sign of this type at camp.

This is one of the projects that was fun and leaves me smiling.  Though the pictures don't quite do them justice, I looove the way the finishes on the different sign boards turned out and had much fun playing around to get them right.

I am also very glad my husband saves scraps of wood and and other found items so there is always a ready supply of materials when I get an idea.

I also have fun playing with the power tools.   Gotta love a power saw, and sander, and drill.....

I did let my daughter know that her sign has one too many digits.....

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