Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer relaxation begins

June in North Dakota is most glorious.  The days are long as it is light before 6 am and lasting until 10 pm.   Daytime temps are summer warm and cool off in the evening,  And it is green and blooming!

I almost have this flowerbed cleaned up.  It was an established flower bed when we bought the home but it needed lots of TLC.  This is the view out the living room window.  The back yard is several acres and extends beyond the raise you see in the background.  I particularly enjoy the deer that have a path through our yard.

This flower bed is still a bit wild.  It has mostly late summer bloomers so I need to add some more early summer blooming plants,

Can't keep up with the daisies.  I love them and hate them.  I through away loads of self seeded daisies and still have them everywhere to enjoy.

The roses I have planted are flourishing.

And the oriental poppies are the stars of the garden at this time of year.  I have several smaller plants growing so hopefully there will be many more of these flowers in the future!

And just finished a patio/deck addition so will post once that is all completed and decorated.  Pansies are such a happy flower.  They just make me smile.

Here is to relaxing and enjoying summer and the outdoors!

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