Sunday, August 26, 2012

Adding a little interest

Still waiting until I can get my wooden floors, but in the meantime have found a few other ways to improve my kitchen.  I used the Giani Granite kit to improve the counter tops.  Removed and repainted where there had been a wallpaper boarder.  And this weekend I striped a wall.

The was was the grey blue color... which worked but, truth be told, I was just getting bored with it.

It sorta sets of the front entrance which opens right into the kitchen.  And who knew that striped could be so easy and quick to paint if you just add them to the color you already have on the wall.  Gotta love quick easy updates!

So there you have it, a little stripey interest and a quick easy weekend project.

(Sorry bout the poor photo quality...  just could not get enough light to get good pictures... and wood floors will look so much better....)


  1. Love both the counter top and your new wall. I'm the same way with paint colors, love to change it up just a bit...looks fresh and bright! Pam

  2. That came out very cute. I just checked out your counter top post also and it looks amazing. I want to do something with my bathroom counters - ugly teal green formica counters that looks very 1980's (even though my house was built in the late 90's). Thanks for the idea to use the Giani!


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