Friday, August 31, 2012

Handmade Rustic Romantic Wedding

Time flies so fast! It seems like just last year that the kids were young and their friends were often found hanging out at our house. It was quite busy at times when they were little as I had two sons and a daughter all withing three and a half years. 

I did not anticipate that would mean marriages, houses, and babies all coming in rapid succession years later. LOL! It has been a busy few years again. They have managed to get married (all three), buy homes (two oldest), and have children (oldest and soon to be second) all in order. 

My daughter was married this past June. She and I had great fun making the wedding decorations. Doing so allowed me to make extra trips to Missouri to spend time with her also. I thought I would share some pictures of the wedding decorations.  The wedding was a small destination wedding that occurred lakeside and required everything be brought in and out in a short time.

Coffee stained tags, skeleton keys, and a faux old window frame directed guests to their tables for the reception dinner.

A birdcage served as a wedding card holder.

The table top decorations were burlap, green bowls wrapped in twine and filled with succulents and glass beads, numbers, and mason jar candle holders.

 Doves punched from scrapbook paper were scattered on the tables.

The jars were filled with beans and peas to hold the battery operated candle.

Gifts for guests included sunglasses, a cd of the music played (classic rock hits!), and home made dog treats.

The wedding programs were made using the burlap, scrapbook paper, and twine.

The wedding celebration was wonderful.  Family and friends all enjoyed themselves.  And the bride reported  she felt she had the perfect wedding.

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  1. Oh if I could get married all over again I would steal so many of these great ideas! I love the burlap and green numbers on the tables, and the tags with the keys, and the bird cage are fabulous!! All of it is just gorgeous!


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