Friday, August 17, 2012

Avoiding housework...

Some days the house is mostly under control and I just don't feel like doing the things necessary to shift from mostly to completely.  Ever have those days or weeks?

Last night instead of doing some cleaning, I messed around with chalkboard art...

This was copied from   Definitely need some practice and tools to make chalkboard graphics look professional.  But hey!  it got me out of housework!

Posting photographs always makes me see the things I want to do differently:  put a frame around the area I painted with chalkboard paint, find a better way to display the areal pictures of our property, change the light in the entry, etc.


  1. I really like the chalkboard. It has me thinking about autumn decorating! I know what you mean about cleaning the house, but one thing I know is it will wait on you! Pam

  2. Just discovered your blog and loving it - perhaps enough to spend the morning reading it rather than cleaning as I should be! I had to write when I came to this post though - I used this quote for my therapy room (I'm a speech pathologist in a preschool) I wrote it out on stiff paper and attached leaves with twine. Looking foward to more of your great ideas - I am SO stealing the "broom parking" one! thanks for the inspiration, Janet


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