Monday, October 29, 2012

Shades of Grey (I am talking paint)

I have been loving all the shades of gray on Pinterest, (I haven't read the book, have you?) I bought paint, and it sat for about 6 months. I wasn't sure if grey paint would feel to cold or gloomy during our long North Dakota winters so I hesitated. But this past weekend I was ready to make a change.

Lots of pictures...

I painted two walls the darker shade of grey, and the other walls a lighter shade.

 The picture above and below capture the two different shades.

 I have yet to figure out what I want for a head board here.  I had a screen door above the bed before.

Those pictures provide a quick overview of a very small bedroom that serves as our guest room.

This is a lovely old dresser I found and left in all it's shabby white charm.  Some of my favorite type objects sit atop it:  candles, old silver, tin, mercury glass, vanilla candles, nature, dried roses and hydrangeas,  linens, and ephemera.    That is a lot of elements in one small space.  And the grey and white are not at all cold, as I had feared.

I love this old metal tin.  I still regret that I did not buy a second one I ran across a year later.

And yet another picture, just because.

This room holds a lot of the treasures I find.  An old tin box sits beside the dresser,  An antique circular metal piece leans against an old screen door.  Ribbons from one of my horse shows this summer add a touch of yellow to this side of the room.

Old linens add softness and warmth and further hold any coldness at bay.

This is a fairy I bought for myself many years ago and holds a lot of meaning for me.

And another collection of 'things'.  Spare and clean is evidently not my style, huh?

Do you like my shades of grey?

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