Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy Fall Y'All

We are having such a gorgeous fall in North Dakota! It is still mostly green around here with temperatures near 80F. Perfect for enjoying fall. Our new country home is off a highway, so I thought I would try to bring some smiles to those traveling past our place.

While exploring last weekend, we discovered there is a junk pile out behind the shop. If you check out my display you will see and old green window frame and the piece of metal machinery/something that we unearthed. There are also lots of pieces of wood, pallets, and etc. I grabbed the white painted plywood and made a very quick sign to go with my roadside display. It is not perfect, but most people are traveling by at 60mph so I don't think they will notice! The strings you notice are to keep things from blowing away when there are 4o mph winds and semi-trucks whipping by. Click on the pictures to view them larger.

Enjoy and have a Happy Fall Y'All


  1. So caaaaute ! I bought a couple of straw bales today - left over from last year...I guess it is too early to buy this years yet. Anyway, I plan to decorate our little wagon up front for fall..You did a great job on your Fall welcome!

  2. fll is definitely coming. there was a chill in the air when I let the dogs out this morning. :)


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