Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Looking Forward

Awk! I am back from vacation. I am in my new house. And I am back at work..... Which means that I have not had much time to unpack boxes, get settled, and starting having fun with my house! Plus my horse obsession is taking time away from my home. I had to go out to the barn last night to transfer my 4 month old filly to her her new owners. Tonight I have a reining lesson, so will be at the barn again.

I am so ready for the three day weekend coming up. I am pretty sure I will still be up unpacking and putting away after midnight on Friday, so I can clear the way to start putting things together on Saturday. I already have running list of things I want to change, make, etc. These next couple of days are going to be soooo loooong.

And then I think "I am so very lucky to be living a life in which I look forward and have passions and interests in my life that allow me to wake up each day looking forward to what the day will bring!"

And even if the inside is in disarray, I sure am enjoying the outside views. The view out my front window pretty much confirms that I am living in the country and not in town!

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  1. I know you can't wait to get all settled in and upacked so you can start living in your new home in the country!! Congrats and Good Luck!!

    Have a good one -


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