Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Pets

I think we have the seal of approval from our furry four footed family members. Max is our Rottweiler/German Shepherd cross who did not get to run free much in our previous home. Now we can open the door and send him out in the yard to play. He is definitely enjoying the extra games of tag with Ginger our Collie/Retriever cross. We have 4 cats, but the Loki and Zoe are a bit more elusive than Tasha and Baby.

Here are Max, Baby, and Ginger relaxing after a rough day napping and playing.

And here is Tasha soaking up some rays on the kitty bench in front of the picture window in my new eat in kitchen.

I will hopefully be able to start sharing some house/decorating/project pictures soon. (I was already for a nice long three day weekend of unpacking and settling and then I got a fever. A temp of 101 does NOT allow one to do much but lay around and pout.) Although during my disturbed sleep last night I had a really cool idea for something I can make for my husband. I need a saw and a few other tools so those have to be unpacked first. But keep checking back, 'cause I will share my project as soon as I get a chance to get it made.

Hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend and are feeling ready for fall to slip into place.

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