Sunday, September 20, 2009

Small Changes

Okay, this really isn't going to be all that exciting for you readers. But, getting some paint on the wall is my way of claiming my space or marking my territory. The previous owner has wallpaper boarders in several rooms. None of these boarders are something I want to see each day. The border in the kitchen was the easiest one to change. I have to figure out what else to hang with my ironstone platters and either add some color or just fill in with more white platters. But for the time being, I am much happier with my kitchen. Wood flooring and solid surface countertops on the list when my bank account allows.


  1. wow!! what an improvement...this looks fab! i love the idea of adding more plates,..i have lots of plates on my kitchen walls and love the look....your ironstone is so pretty.

  2. I'm with you... the border was not so great & your change made a HUGE difference. Now you will have fun collecting stuff to put up there. THE HUNT IS ON!!!!! :) I have a shelf over my kitchen area & have all kinds of stuff on it. When the painters came this summer I just wanted to get the stuff back in place & off of every surface & clean up. Now, I want to go back & rearrange & put new things up (change out the old stuff). Aren't we crazy creatures with our nesting? Have a great week.


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