Thursday, October 1, 2009

A place in the country or a country home?

I grew up on a farm.  I have so many good memories of hours spent outside both playing and working.  Those hours included sheep, pigs, cows, cats, dogs, chickens, and a horse.  Having animals around the farmyard made outside feel alive.  My husband grew up in a city.  He has no experience of farm life.  Yards means something much different to him.  I think he envisions a city home without the neighbors.  I envision something that hints at a farm.  I warned him we are now on a slippery slope...  He agreed to getting a couple of cats for his shop.  They will help keep mice and critters away.  They will make outside more inviting to me.  Meet my latest home improvement projects:

Notice the "shabby chic" space they are inhabiting.

I am thinking baby chicks next spring.  That will grow up to be laying hens.  Then...


  1. I love all of that chippy paint... mmmmmmmmm

    Cute kitties too-just can't have them --son #2 has allergies.

    come over and check out my give-a-way

  2. I love my chickens! I just got some this May. They are an exotic breed called a Cochin. These are the kind with feathered feet and they best part- they do really well in the cold of this frozen north country we live in!


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