Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Orange isn't just for Halloween

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October means gray rainy days with the threat of rain turning into snow. Somehow it always seems like the temperature dropped 30 degrees overnight. And I think it actually did this year!!

October means pulling out sweaters, tights, jackets and gloves. It means cozying up the house in preparation for winter.

One of the ways to warm up and cozy spaces is with color. Warm color. Sunshiney (I am sure that is in the dictionary...) colors. And one particular basement bathroom really needed to be warmed up.

Pick an unusual warm color. Get creative and mix that warm color with a home made touch of romance. Old sheet music and old sheet scraps transformed.

oohhh, I like that. Later I will show you the rest of the room. I am sure showers in this bathroom will feel warmer and more enjoyable even when it is dark, and cold, and snowy outside...


  1. The orange is wonderful with the music paper, so sweet, you have a good eye. Thanks for sharing, love the flowers...

  2. Hi Brenda! It has turned quite cold here as well. Your idea of warming things up seems like a great plan. I just love the sheet music cones you have made with the cream colored posies!!! And your header is wonderful as well! Happy Wednesday...

    :) T

  3. How pretty! Love that sheet music touch, it's adorable

  4. Love shhet music for cones! And that flower, gonna have to try that! Too cute!
    Thanks for the visit....
    I missed out on the Glidden last time too, thought I was the only one! LOL
    Sweet dreams,


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