Sunday, December 13, 2009

Feathered Nest Fairy

Dawn, author of The Feathered Nest blog is a wonderful artist.  I so enjoy viewing her projects.  I signed up for an online artists class this fall and included with the class was a tutorial on making Fairies in a Jar.  Dawn is currently offering her individual tutorials for sale at her website.  Below is my first attempt at capturing a small fairy, and more are in the works.

I wanted to try something a bit different for Christmas so made a fairy ornament.  I am still looking for the right trim to put around the edge of the opening.  If you have any great ideas let me know.  It is a frigid -6 degrees here so I stayed home and will go searching over lunch one day this week.

Can you tell what I made the ornament from?  A smoked oyster tin!  (Yes, I enjoyed the smoked oysters first....  I am pretty sure that has got some of you saying eeww. )  I outlined the bottom of the tin on a peice of construction paper and cut it out.  I used spray adhesive and glitter to give it some sparkle then glued on some small individual foil stars I had saved from something I had been mailed.  Then glue to glittered paper into the back of the tin.  Punch 2 holes in the front top edge of the tin and run a ribbon through to hang it up.  I used a bit of moss ribbon cut into a thin strip and glued it at the bottom of the opening.  The Fairy instructions came from Dawn at the Feathered Nest.

I think I will need to find someone else that eats smoked oysters so I can gather some more tins!  I want to make some more of these!

Hope you had a great weekend and are enjoying the Christmas season!


  1. So creative! I love the fairy in a jar, too. I am starting to make some Xmas gifts....just did step one. Once I start, I get on a roll, sometimes it's just hard to start a project and I'm working on my kitchen floor since my dining table is full of my laptop and mail, etc....and I don't have a craft room! It's fun, though! :)

  2. This is very cute. I love the adorable little fairy. Hope you find someone who likes smoked oysters so you can get more tins :-)

  3. So dear. And I love the book page wreath!

  4. Well isn't that the cutest? I love that 'fairy face' :)

    And my hubby loves smoked oysters.

    thanks for linking up to Mi4M!

  5. Hi Brenda!!!! I just LOVE your jar fairy!!!!! It turned out absolutely wonderful and I love that you used the images to make other fairy goodies too ~ how sweet is that ornament?! You could use Altoid tins too I guess, maybe without the top? Thank you so much for buying the tutorial and showing me your work ~ I'll have to feature your sweet fairy!!! Have a great Christmas Brenda and a wonderful New Year ~ hugs and love, Dawn

  6. Hi Brenda, Love your fairy jar and oyster tin. Darling! Im new to your blog via Dawns..So I will go back and explore more of your pages...Merry Christmas! Sally


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