Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas Blizzard

Mother Nature is exerting her power this Christmas!  But she does it with beauty and grace.  My husband and I have had a quiet Christmas at home with the animals as Interstate 29 is closed so no traveling to gather with family.  (Although my most awesome husband did take me out to the barn to ride horse early Christmas Eve while we were waiting for the worst of the storm to start.  He knew that if I couldn't be with my two footed family, my four footed family would partially fill the need.  And it is always a major treat when he is willing to come and hang out at the barn as that is NOT his favorite thing to do.)

We are supposed to have another 24 hours of snow and wind so this is starting to look like the storms I remember from childhood.  Storms just have more influence on your day to day life when you live out in the country! No putting the truck in four wheel drive and seeing what is going on like we usually did while living in town.

Wanna come visit?  But don't use our front door!!

We (okay, really Jonathan did all the shoveling) went out to dig our way into the Morton building to feed and water the kittens.  Their kitty door was a bit buried.  The large white and grey cat was still visiting.  We can't quite figure out whether a neighbor's cat spends a lot of time in our kitten's luxurious accomodations or whether we have a new cat....

Max and Ginger had to check things out also!

Thick fur is great for winter storms!


  1. WOW Brenda! I do miss the snow! I grew up in northern Michigan and now live in northern Illinois. All week we have had winds and rain. So much for any snow!
    Have a very blessed Christmas and a healthy New Year!

  2. Now that's a lot of SNOW...I'm hoping it will get better so you can get out and about! Merry Christmas!


  3. Pretty amazing. I've been seeing a lot of the blizzard on the blogs out there! I hope you were safe and cozy and had a great holiday. Sometimes, being trapped at home, despite not being able to get together with loved ones, can still have it's own special memories, too. Glad you got to see the 4-legged friends! I get to see mine tomorrow!

  4. Brenda,
    I need to take a page from your book and have a more positive attitude about the snow. You are right about there being such a beauty about the snow....I just can't get past how it interfered with all of the Christmas plans!
    My husband just returned from buying a snow blower...I can't believe we made it 8 years in KC before we needed to buy one (we were in living in S. California before we moved here). Our son will be in college next year and we both decided this morning that a snow blower was a better investment than hurting ourselves trying to shovel!!
    Enjoy your day....and the snow!

  5. Lucky you Brenda - I think you got some of our snow :-) Instead of a White Christmas we got a very rainy Christmas. We are missing the snow.


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