Monday, January 18, 2010

Ice Fog

I had to rush home this morning to get my dog Ginger and bring her into town for an orthopedic sugery consult (a story in itself).  It was sunny and bright when I left town, but halfway home ran into beautiful ice fog.  I grabbed my camera and took some pictures and thought I would share.

I am pretty sure it is not recommended to take pictures while driving down the highway with limited visibility related to fog while there is a dog leaning over your shoulder--but hey, here you are anyway...


  1. Those photos are wild....yet beautiful!! You can keep the snow,k?? Chrissy

  2. idea!! I love them though,I just added one to the bedroom today,with a candle in it,I will post it soon,talk to you later!!

  3. Fog is so scary, it ranks right up there with ice. I hope your doggie is okay. Not too long ago I went through some doo doo with my dog and her toe. Good Luck!

  4. I like the picture of the entrance way with the wagon fills me with a thought of are finally at your destination safe and sound, beautiful!!
    Hugs from Susan in Georgia

  5. Beautiful pictures!
    The fog was crazy here today.
    Hope your pup is okay!

  6. We have had fog for 5 straight days! I am getting so tired of it. It's nice that the temperatures are warmer but I need the sunshine!
    I hope Ginger is OK.

  7. Ohhh, I remember ice fog from Anchorage!! So pretty! but sooo cold!!

    Hey, both hands on the wheel!! LOL

    Gorgeous photos! Thanks for being so daring and showing us :)


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