Sunday, January 17, 2010

Warm winter days means time with my horses...

It is 36 degrees outside at 7pm in the middle of January! So much better than the -20 degrees it could be. It also means my fingers and toes don't freeze when I am out playing with my horses.  And you are stuck with get horse pictures instead of decorating and crafting pictures.

Love (aka as Lil Miss Blackjac) is my reining mare.  She is watching me get treats out of the tack room.  I think this picture nicely captures her smart gentle yet spirited nature.

Love checking out the bridle and bit selection.

This is Honey (also known as A Crusing Investment) my Western Pleasure mre wondering what is going on in the barn aisle.

Honey is my laidback sweetheart with just enough mare attitude to keep in interesting.

A couple more months and horse show season begins again.

And while I have been doing things around home, my girls have gotten a bit more of my attention again this weekend.  And grooming and riding are so much more fun than a treadmill or weights.


  1. Your mares are so cute! Looks like Love was trying to pick out her own bridle, hee hee! I wish I could get some riding time in. Between my cold virus and foul weather, I just feel like I should give up until the spring. We don't have a covered riding facility. Oh well, I still see and longe out my horse for a bit when I can, so he isn't sitting all winter.

  2. So beautiful. I'll look at pictures of them all day long! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I wish I was able to have a horse or at least be able to ride one. They are beautiful creatures. I love the pictures. :)

  4. I love your horses! Your brown mare being nosey is especially great!


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