Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mini mannequins

I want a mannequin but have never found one, or at least one I loved enough to pay the price that was being asked. And then I dreamed up this. (Yep, last night while sleeping, I dreamed these up.) And just to keep my title as dropcloth queen, they they are made of scraps of dropcloth.

The bases are made of wire hangers from the dry cleaner.  The necks are made from spindles we removed from some old 80's style trim in the kitchen of our old house.  The rest I cut, sewed, stuffed, and glued out of materials in my craft supples.  They are so much fun to make!

This skirt is made of cheesecloth with one of those handmade flowers everyone is making.

It is so difficult to find good lighting when you are impatient and can't wait until daylight.  Plus, the days are so very short yet that there is not much good daylight available anyway.  (Gotta remind myself that June will arrive and it will be light until 10:30 for at least a couple of days...)

I think the dragonfly necklace is sweet!  A charm and gold thread add a nice dash of bling.

Ready for the runway, or my dresser, or someplace.

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  1. I'm swooning.
    Can you say... ETSY store NOW?!?!


  2. these are just darling! Love, love, love them. You've got talent girl!

  3. Wow! I cannot believe you made those!!!!??? They are so totally adorable! I agree....etsy store N O W !!

    Take Care!


    Thats a great creation hun!
    Thanks for sharing
    Annie x

  5. These are cute. You could sell these quite easily...
    Living it up at Lakewood,

  6. How pretty!

    I agree with Amy- do you have an Etsy store?


  7. Those are soooo cute! You're so creative! I don't have enough display room in my house for cute stuff like you do, so I'm jealous!

  8. Oh my... that is too adorable for words! I'm smiling. :)

    FJ Donna

  9. These are so cute! You are very clever and did a wonderful job creating these.

  10. I love them. They're whimsical and elegant!

  11. Beautiful little ladies. I just love them. They are precious. you did a great job.

  12. These are so cute. I was made a full size one myself but I might be tempted to give this ittybitty ones a try too.

  13. I am not usually one for mannequins, but these are gorgeous! You have talent!!!

  14. They are adorable and my daughter would die to have one. I have and antique one and the kids laughed when she arrived and I named her Josephine.( A name I loved but hubby refused to let our princess be named it) So, I told the kids she is my friend. Someone I can always talk to. Now Sophie wants one.
    So, sell these on etsy or do a tutorial please so I can make one.

  15. I want one, The tiny dragon fly is the best.
    Cha Cha

  16. My daughter wants one of those for her room. I can't bring myself to pay the high price either. These are so darn cute. You are so creative, you Drop Cloth Queen :) I wouldn't have been patient enough to wait for the photo either. I think they turned out great.
    Thanks for sharing!

  17. Thanks for this idea. I'm going to try to make one...It's basically a pillow, right? I can make a pillow. ha ha Thanks again. If I succeed (and find time) I will post back to your blog. Linda

  18. I agree - those HAVE to go on Etsy. How absolutely dahr.ling.

  19. Ditto Ditto!! Etsy Store Now!!! Or post a
    Tutorial so we can make one of our own!!
    Too precious!!
    Hugs from Susan in Georgia

  20. Those are darling. I hope you will post these to my Monday party. I need to make one for Miss G4s room.


  21. You are one clever girl! I am crazy for your mini mannies. I just posted about my mannie, I think she needs a little friend. Do you sell those on etsy. I'll go look. Lisa
    PS I love your nordic look too.

  22. Wonderfully creative and gorgeous! Just joined as a 'Follower'.

  23. Okay, how about MY dresser!! These are so dang adorable!! Yes, my friend, you NEED an Etsy store. WE need you to have an etsy store!! That dragonfly necklace? What an awesome detail!!

    I am a follower! I don't want to miss a thing!

    Lou Cinda


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